5 ~ Fun, Sexy Inspirations

Welcome to the first issue of Karousing’s 5 ~ Fun, Sexy Inspirations. It’s a little bit of the week in review mixed with inspirational people, places, or ideas for each of Karousing’s 5 categories.

It’s been a fulfilling week, one of more work than play, leaving me with a sense of accomplishment and a yearning for fun this weekend. There were more than a few things this week that made me smile and inspired me to create, write, and evolve. Having said that, I’ll follow my own imposed rules and stick to one inspiration for each of the 5 Karousing categories.


This week I received my In Gratitude necklace from Calypso St. Barth’s. I discovered this shop for the first time in Palm Beach a few years ago and love the vibe there. Think understatedly elegant island wear – they have tunics, sandals, and everything you need to look chic at the beach. Speaking of, I’m sailing to St. Barth’s this summer. This necklace will look great with my gray bathing suit and white coverup.

Another reason to love this necklace? It’s handmade by women in Uganda, and a portion of every purchase is given back to the women. Jewelry for a Cause? Win. Win.



Beauty & Anti-Aging

I am obsessed with lip balm. I started my obsession in middle school with Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. (Who remembers those?) One of my favorite Christmas gifts was a eight pack of assorted flavors such as, vanilla, strawberry, root beer, and bubble gum. I’m still trying to keep my lips moist and kissable, so this week I tried Image Skincare’s Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement Complex. It’s chock full of good ingredients sure to keep your lips plumped and the fine lines at bay. And the bonus? It smells like vanilla. It’s my grown-up Lip Smacker.



My knees have been bothering me, so I stopped running and started walking. I called friends and planned early morning walking adventures. Our conversations made the time fly by. All the miles I logged this week reminded me of how good I feel when I walk all day in big cities. My walking this week was good for the body and the soul.

Soul Food

I happened upon this virtual Happiness Jar this week and was giddy with delight. Set up an account with the Happiness Jar, then text them every good, happy thing that happens to you (dinner with friends, vacations, walks with your dog). At the end of the year, they’ll email you a recap. If we all do it, that’ll be a whole lot of collective happiness!



Happy Holi! The Hindu festival Holi celebrates the return of Spring. Revelers throw colorful powdered dyes, which symbolize the return of color after a long, dark winter. The parade shown in the photo below took place in Queens, New York last weekend. More colorful fun is on the way this weekend with the Festival of Colors in NYC.


And one more…just for the weekend…

Road trip anyone?


Be fun. Be sexy. Be spiritual. Happy Weekend!


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