10 Black Friday Deals For a Smart, Sexy, Spiritual Holiday

It’s Black Friday, which means that the Christmas season has officially begun! It also means shopping, and I mean lots of shopping, for thee perfect gifts. So whether you’re buying a gift for someone else or you’re treating yourself, this list of 10 Karousing Black Friday deals will have you feeling smart, sexy, and spiritual.


1. Dogeared has beautiful, spiritual jewelry, and this necklace is perfect for a BFF, mom, or daughter. A sweet gesture at a great price! Click here to see additional the Black Friday discount offered by Amazon.


2. I love this Rebecca Taylor top! With sequins and the leopard print, it’s perfect for a holiday party. Paired with jeans or black pants, this shirt is a glamorous stunner.


3. Do you know someone who’s single and always looking for the right person? Well then this book is the perfect gift. It helped me navigate my single years with optimism and a soulful perspective. Click here to read more about this game changer.


4. I am an unabashed Kate Spade fan, so when I found this thermal mug, I was over the moon! Plus, the cute saying reminds me of my mom, who used to tell me this when I complained that my hands were cold. You can buy the mug here.


5. More Kate Sapde for the style maven. This purse is chic and goes with everything! Leopard is a neutral, right? Click here for more info.


6. This Clarisonic Mia is a must have for my beauty regimen. Clinically proven to clean more effectively, it leaves my face feeling fresh and my pores looking smaller. It’s a great gift for any woman who wants clearer, more radiant skin. Click here to learn more.


7. Are you a fan of the slow cooker? (Or, as I grew up calling it, the Crock-Pot.) I use mine about three times a week. In it, I make soup, lasagna, chili, chicken, ribs, you name it. I love how it slowly fills the house with comfort food aromas and cooks such tender, delicious meat. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this new version – the Crock-Pot Hook Up. Use it to make multiple dishes or to keep things warm while entertaining. Genius! It also comes in lots of fun colors. Click here to learn more.

cfeaac17321e301ea98e15d9f7b2470a8. This book is a great add on gift for the Crock-Pot Hook Up. The Slow Cooker Revolution cookbook is filled with delicious slow cooker recipes that the entire family will love. Click here for more information.


9. I could not live without my Nutribullet. It’s the quickest, easiest way to make a healthy smoothie every morning. Just add the ingredients to the cup, attach the lid, and turn it upside down to blend. And voila! Remove the lid and your smoothie is ready to drink right from the blending cup. With a quick wash, you’re out the door. No muss. No fuss. Just convenient health at your fingertips. Click here to read more.


10. We’re coming full circle with another great piece from Dogeared Jewelry. I wear this necklace often to remind myself that perfection is not my goal. Balance and harmony are. It’s a great reminder especially this time of year, when we’re all running around trying to be everything to everyone. Treat yourself by clicking here.


And there you have it. 10 gift ideas for the smart, sexy, spiritual person on your Christmas list. And the best part? You don’t even have to leave the house to buy them. Now pour a glass of wine and relax. It’s time to get your Christmas on.

What’s on your wish list this year? Leave me a comment below. Cheers!

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