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You Don’t Need a New You—You Just Need You

It’s that time of the year again when we’re force fed the idea that we need to be better. Different. Thinner. Stronger. Smarter. We need to work harder. Sleep better. Drink Less. Drink more. Give up bread. Have more sex. Do more yoga. Quit snoring. Turn our phones off. Read more. Do less. Do more….

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Afternoon Tea at 20,000 Feet

After an eight hour flight to London we arrived a bit sleepy but happy. We spent two hours in the First Class Club trying to adjust to the time difference. My body felt like it was breakfast time but the local clocks insisted it was lunchtime. Before long, we settled into our British Airways seats…

Packing for Two Weeks in France in 50 Pounds or Less

Two people are traveling for two weeks through the fashion capital of the world at the onset of winter. How do we pack everything we need to be hip and stylish yet stay warm and dry all under 50 pounds? David and I will begin our journey in Paris then travel by train to Avignon…

Dermaplane For a Fuzz Free Face

I’ve been having my face dermaplaned for a while. One time was all it took to get addicted to dermaplaning for a fuzz free face. This quick and easy treatment along, with using great products, will make your skin look great and your makeup lay beautifully. Big event coming up? Perfect. In need a quick…

Chicago – My Kind of Town

This is my kind of town, Chicago is my kind of town, Chicago is my kind of people too, people who smile at you. – Frank Sinatra I grew up in the Midwest but didn’t always appreciate it. I took it for granted — the well mannered people, the change of seasons, the corn fields….

Burt’s Closet

It’s easy to see why Burt Mulford did a little modeling for Ralph Lauren back in the day. But even his lean physique and chiseled features don’t tell us everything about his impeccable sense of style. For that, you must spend a little time in his closet. Which, is exactly what my friend Kaisa and…

Welcome to!

I’m so excited to share with you. is an online lifestyle magazine where I will share my discoveries about travel, style, wellness, beauty, and other things that inspire me. Karousing is a play in my name and the essence of carousing. It’s my fun, sexy, spiritual exploration of life. This week I leave…