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The Importance of Being Lovable

how to be more lovable by loving yourself

The Key to Being More Lovable Is Loving Yourself First Love is everything! It’s the common denominator of our existence—the energy that fuels us and the world around us. How do we attract more love? By being more lovable! Being lovable allows us to attract the type of love we desire. Whether it’s a romantic […]

How to Set Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

setting healthy boundaries in relationships

Do you give too much and have trouble setting boundaries in relationships? Are you the friend who says yes to late night drinks even though you haven’t slept in a week and your Christmas decorations are still up in April? Do you make your husband a Bulletproof coffee with organic MCT oil and half a […]

Rewriting Your Sex Story

Karena Kilcoyne

His eyes were as dark as night. That should’ve been my sign to run the other direction–the windows to his soul shut tight, forbidding the light to shine in or out–but instead, I ran straight toward this long-time bachelor with my arms (and legs) wide open and my eyes wide shut.  This wasn’t my first […]

Love and How to Choose Differently—For Real This Time

Do all your relationships have a common theme? Maybe you give too much? Maybe you’re insecure? Maybe you don’t really trust and give yourself completely? Do you feel like in all your romantic relationships you’re dating the same person over and over again? No matter who you’re with, you’re having the same arguments and are […]

Self-Love Happens Every Day

Sometimes loving ourselves is difficult. While we show compassion and understanding to others, we rarely show it to ourselves. We pay compliments to others but hardly to ourselves. We long to be with others and show our love, but don’t show love for ourselves.  Why?  A lot of it comes from how we were raised. […]

Self-Care in the Face of an Election

Oh, it’s that time again. When the mud is slinging, and people are berating and talking over each other. And if you watched the first presidential debate, you probably, like the rest of us, went to bed with a headache and woke up with a hangover caused by confusion and disbelief.  Every four years we […]

Animals Absorb Our Energy

Animals are special creatures. Like us, they are sources of spiritual power that both absorb and reflect the energy that surrounds them. For many of us, animals are an outlet of joy and happiness. A little girl gets her first dog and the two become inseparable, spending time playing and swimming. A young man living […]

What I Know About Love and Marriage

It rained on my wedding day. Huge drops fell on our Bahamian town and left us running for cover. I paced in my cabana, fretting that the rain wouldn’t stop in time for the wedding. David, my soon-to-be husband, handed me a glass of champagne and reminded me that the weather was out of our […]

Love Doesn’t Shrink, Divide, or Disappear

Life after a loss can feel lonely and unbearable. Days or weeks or even months may go by without you ever opening your eyes to see the world. This happened to me when I lost Finn, the gentle, loving soul who grew to become my emotional support dog. As I tell you in this video, […]