The Fast Metabolism Diet

I have tried a lot of diets. No fat. No carb. No fun. Atkins. Paleo. Juicing. Cabbage soup. Yes, cabbage soup. And while some of them left me feeling skinnier, none of them left me feeling healthier, satiated, and in control of my nutritional future.

All that changed a month ago when my friend told me about a book she was reading called The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy. The tag line of the book basically says it all, “Eat more food and lose more weight.”


This book is a game changer. It’s not so much dieting as it a way of eating.

The premise is to give your body all the food, vitamins, and nutrients it needs while confusing your metabolism by changing the combinations of food every couple of days. Some days you eat grains, fruit, (yes, you eat carbs!) and others you eat protein and veggies only. Most days you eat more food than you ever thought you could.

The Fast Metabolism Diet is easy to follow. Stay with the simple schedule and pay attention to the portion sizes and you’ll get the best results.

After following the diet for for a few weeks, I slept better. I felt better. My skin looked great and I even lost a few pounds, which is a plus knowing that the holidays are right around the corner.  And the best part? I never felt hungry. Not once. I also love that it’s a healthy roadmap to nourishing and loving your body.

So if you’re sick of depriving yourself and all the crankiness and low self esteem that goes with dieting, try this … give yourself lots of love and eat well. And read The Fast Metabolism Diet. Your nourished body will thank you.


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