Happiness isn’t a fleeting feeling that comes and goes, totally out of your control. Happiness is something you cultivate. And it all begins with gratitude. When you start practicing gratitude every single day, some pretty amazing things happen:

In this guide, you’ll learn 7 ways to create more happiness over 7 days. You’ll learn how to find love and beauty in yourself and the world around you. And you’ll find the courage to accept your past, embrace the present, and shape your future.

happier you

A firm believer that not following your passion is the quickest way to an early death, Karena Kilcoyne writes as if her life depends on it.

She retired from practicing law and started the lifestyle blog, Karousing.com, as a place to share musings from her smart, sexy, spiritual exploration of life. Here, she shares content offering a deep dive into self-betterment techniques, innovative wellness trends, vetted travel recommendations, and more.

Additionally, over the past two years, she completed her memoir, 
Chasing Birds, A Journey of Resilience, Grace, and Love.  This narrative non-fiction manuscript tells the story of her turbulent childhood, revealing how she healed herself from the shame and resentment that kept her traumatized and repressed for decades.

Now on the other side of healing, Karena has learned to have fun. She loves taking her fur babies to the beach in her vintage Jeep Wagoneer Woody and traveling to far-flung places. She’s won a sailboat race to Cuba with her husband and is absolutely certain that water and wine are better with bubbles. Visit 
karenakilcoyne.com to learn more.



 Declutter Your Mind + Create Your Own Bliss


  • You start finding things to be grateful for every day.
  • You let go of fear, trauma, and resentment.
  • You find peace and mindfulness in boring routines.
  • You stop ignoring your inner yearnings.