The Must Read Summer Book List

I love summer reading. It’s that time of the year when cracking open a new book (or firing up my Kindle) seems not only welcoming, but necessary. Because summer is such a relaxed time of the year, it’s perfect for expanding your mind and your soul.

For me, it’s become my “back to school” time when I’m excited about losing myself in something new. Just like a teacher putting together a syllabus, I put a lot of time into researching my must read summer book list. And probably like you, I enjoy having a variety of books available so there’s always one within reach that suits my mood.

Here’s my smart, sexy, spiritual reading list for the summer:


The 50th Law, by 50 Cent + Robert Greene

Co-authored by rapper and music mogul 50 Cent and the brilliant Robert Greene, The 50th Law is a guidebook to a successful life and career based on one philosophy – living fearlessly. The book came out a few years ago, and although was a New York Times best-seller, it didn’t blip on my radar screen. I’ve always believed that we don’t find books, books find us, exactly when we need them. And so it goes, I will spend a few salty, sweaty days learning about success from 50.


{50 Cent + Robert Greene}

I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You, by Courtney Maum

I CANNOT wait to open this one! I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You is about old love, new love, and forgiveness. And, It takes place in France. What’s not to like? As a writer, I also love that this is Courtney Maum’s first novel and that she wrote it after a long stint of writer’s block. She also sat on the manuscript for 10 years after receiving a mailbox full of rejection letters from publishers. It’s yet another reminder that: heartfelt work takes time; persistence is worth more than gold; and we’re all here to cheer each other on.


{Author Courtney Maum}

 The Vacationers, by Emily Straub

This is a read it by the pool or enjoy it by the surf while wearing sunglasses and a big hat kind of book. It’ll spark that inexplicable part of your brain that feels deliciously naughty reading People magazine and binge watching “Orange is the New Black.” The story is set on an island off the coast of Mallorca, where the Post family vacations together. Family secrets are revealed, testing the ties that bind even the closest of families. Here’s what People had to say about The Vacationers:

“Delicious . . . richly riveting . . . The Vacationers offers all the delights of a fluffy, read-it-with-sunglasses-on-the-beach read, made substantial by the exceptional wit, insight, intelligence and talents of its author.” (four stars)


The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway

An oldie but a goodie, The Old Man and the Sea has been on my bookshelf for decades. Every fifth or sixth summer, I take it off the shelf and read this Pulitzer Prize wining book again. Living in Florida and spending a two weeks each summer in Key West, makes me love this book all the more. Hemingway haunts the streets of the tiny island town that smells of salt air and rum. And while visiting Key West, I never pass up a chance to visit Hemingway’s house. Because just like reading The Old Man and the Sea, no matter how many times you enjoy it, there is always something you missed the last time around.


{Hemingway’s writing room in his Key West home.}

The Conscious Parent, by Dr. Shefali Tsabary

If you’d like a deeper relationship with your children, or you’d like to get a better understanding a loved one’s relationship with their children, The Conscious Parent is the spiritual guidebook to get you there. A recent guest on Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday“, Dr. Shefali Tsabary believes that our children hold up a mirror that enables us to see who we really are. So in being fully present in raising your child, you not only empower the child but you heal yourself. There’s an awesomeness in her wisdom that will help us all, even if you don’t have children of your own.


There it is! My smart, sexy, spiritual must read summer book list. Be sure to leave a comment below and let me know which books are on your summer reading list.