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The Hormone Fix

If you’re over 35 you’re likely having some symptoms of perimenopause. This booked helped me navigate the sea of a changing body.

Mighty Maca Plus

I didn’t know I needed maca until I read Dr. Cabeca’s book on women’s hormone health. A scoop a day…

Santa Cruz Medicinals

Who, besides me, wants to calm the F down? I’ve tried countless CBD products, but this brand is top notch. Enter code RISE to get 15% off + FREE shipping on any product in their online store!

Infrared Saunas

My sauna changed my life. It calms me, detoxes me, and brings me inner zen. And It burns calories! LOVE this! $200 off any sauna and FREE shipping by using the code RISE.


I love my Athletic Greens. It’s one of the only green powder that doesn’t make me bloat. And the vitamin + mineral profile is stellar.