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Seeking Style & Snow ~ Part Deux ~ Lake Placid

So…picking up where we left off, David and I had just spent three amazing days in NYC, celebrating the Christmas holiday and my birthday. On the 27th, we woke up way too early (considering I celebrated my birthday the night before), and hit the road. You’ll probably remember from the last post that the whole […]

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What Are You Ashamed Of?

Growing up, my mom often said “shame on you” when I did something she didn’t approve of. Back then it was a common phrase I heard from mothers all over the neighborhood. (As an added bonus, we also got the simultaneous index finger rubbing motion.) At the time, I didn’t really understand what the shame […]

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Be Kind ~ Silencing the Voice Inside Your Head

Don’t you love it when you need something, and the Universe just hands it to you? That happened to me yesterday. I didn’t feel like it, but I got out of bed at 7:30 on a Saturday and drove my tired ass to hot flow yoga. I’ve been having a love affair with yoga on […]

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Fraxel ~ Saving Face & Erasing Sun Damage

I’d like to tell you that I was never a sun worshipper. That I never, ever laid out in the sun. That I always wore sunscreen. That I sought shelter from the wicked, wrinkle causing sun under a big ol’ beach umbrella. But, that’s not the way it was. This, my fellow Karousers is how […]

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Love Doesn’t Shrink, Divide, or Disappear

Life after a loss can feel lonely and unbearable. Days or weeks or even months may go by without you ever opening your eyes to see the world. This happened to me when I lost Finn, the gentle, loving soul who grew to become my emotional support dog. As I tell you in this video, […]

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Why Does It Take So Damn Long to Make Good Stuff? 

I’m writing a book and it’s taking me forever. I write good stuff and then my editor sends it back with all sorts of comments. Had I considered this? Or that? Can we make it deeper? More vulnerable? And back to my computer I go with new ideas and a box of tissues. (Getting deep […]

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