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5 ~ Fun, Sexy Inspirations

Our weekly series continues with something old, something new, something borrowed, and someone playin’ the blues. Here’s to being inspired! 1. Soul Food I had the low down, dirty blues all week. Well, sort of. I took my first harmonica lesson with a friend, who also happens to be a talented Blues musician. And let me tell […]

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5.14 ~ What a Soul Weighs In Pounds

I’m not a cat person. I never had a cat, never wanted a cat, and never loved a cat. Until Minnie. And I never had to put a cat down. Until Minnie. Minnie was born outside David’s office about twelve years ago. Like me, David wasn’t a cat person, but Minnie charmed her way through the […]

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The Year in Review ~ What a Ride!

2012 was good to me. But how good was I to it? How did I say thanks to the Higher Up for the 365 days I was given to breathe in and out? We’re not supposed to sit quietly and wait for the world’s gifts. If you woke up today, that’s  your gift. The rest […]

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Welcome to Karousing.com!

I’m so excited to share Karousing.com with you.  Karousing.com is an online lifestyle magazine where I will share my discoveries about travel, style, wellness, beauty, and other things that inspire me. Karousing is a play in my name and the essence of carousing. It’s my fun, sexy, spiritual exploration of life. This week I leave […]

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