Younique 3D Fiber Lashes ~ For Longer, Thicker, Fuller Eyelashes

Do you want longer, thicker, fuller lashes without the harsh chemicals of lash extensions and lash tinting? Well then, Younique 3D fiber lashes are an absolute game changer if you want longer, thicker, fuller looking eyelashes.

Before trying Younique fiber lashes, I tried everything to give my lashes that full, sexy look. But, the adhesive used in lash extensions and Lash Dip made my eyes irrupted and swollen. Latisse and LiLash, stimulated my lashes to grow longer but not necessarily fuller. I thought maybe I’d never have the full, thick lashes of my younger days.

And then I tried Younique fiber lashes.

Made from green tea leaves, these lashes are a more natural way to amp up your lash line. And the best part? I didn’t experience any irritation. The lashes are easy to put on and even easier to take off. These are truly a game changer in my beauty routine.


{Left eye with Younique Fiber Lashes. Right eye without.}


{Left eye with Younique Fiber Lashes. Right eye without.}

How to Apply Them:

Applying the fiber lashes is as easy as putting on mascara! In the Younique fiber lash package, you will find two tubes that resemble mascara. First, you apply the transplanting gel as you would mascara. Then, you open the second tube and apply the lash fibers. Again, as if you were applying mascara. You can apply as many coats of the lash fibers as you like to get the desired fullness and length. Once you are happy with the look, reapply the transplanting gel to set them in place.


How to Remove Them:

The lashes are water resistant, but they remove easily with with warm water and cleanser or eye makeup remover. I use organic coconut oil to remove my makeup each night. It’s a great way to remove makeup and condition your lashes and the delicate skin around your eyes.

I buy my Younique fiber lashes on Amazon for around $35 with shipping. What do you think about these fiber lashes? Are you excited to try them? Leave me a comment below.