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We all have a story (or 100) don’t we? We’re ashamed. Unworthy. Less than. Too this or not enough that. I know how it feels to live through trauma and suffer from the resulting negative mind chatter.

After years of research, I discovered how to rise above my own stories and now I want to help you rise above yours.

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It took me years to find myself and even longer to finally love the real me.

But it was the greatest gift I’ve ever received. And I would never have felt that kind of love had I not disavowed the stories I believed about myself—especially those centered around my abandonment and worth. These days, I know I’m worthy of abundance and love, especially my own.

And that’s what I want for you.

Karena Kilcoyne

What I know to be true after decades of suffering and finding a path toward healing is that the past doesn’t define you. You do.

I also know that if I could do it—if I could rise above my story—you can, too.

Meet Karena

  • Are you living in the past, afraid of the future, or ashamed of who you are?
  • Are you living a small life because you feel unworthy or less than?
  • Do you think everyone has it figured out but you?
  • Do you wonder why you feel so empty when you have so much?
  • Are you driving yourself with fear and perfectionism instead of compassion and joy?
  • Because of that negative voice in your head, are you make safe choices and doing the “right thing” at the cost of your health and happiness?
  • Do you feel like an imposter in your own life?
  • Are you ready to rise above your story?

Here’s how to step into your own power and rise above your story.


Acknowledge your story:

  • Become self-aware of the false stories you’ve been telling yourself.
  • Learn how your brain works and why it creates our negative inner dialogue when we experience trauma. (Spoiler alert! It’s wired for survival.)
  • Objectively reframe your story.

Release your story:

  • Explore how you got tangled up in your story in the first place and how to know whether your story has taken over your life.
  • Step out of victim mode and into your own power.
  • Learn how to forgive others and yourself.
  • Learn how to soothe your inner child and grieve the time you spent steeped in your stories.

Rise above your story:

  • Uncover the silver lining in what happened to you and ignite your gratitude.
  • Tap into self-love and find compassion for every part of yourself.
  • Understand that “setbacks” are an opportunity for even more growth.
Karena Kilcoyne

You may be asking, “You aren’t a therapist. What qualifies you to write a book like this?”

And you are right, I’m not a therapist. But like most people, I am someone who lived through trauma and figured out how to heal myself decades later. 

After decades of suppressing my own trauma, and as a result, suffering with depression and anxiety, I went on a healing journey.

You know what I learned? That I wasn’t alone in my pain.

The National Council for Mental Wellbeing reports that approximately 70 percent of adults in the United States (or 223.4 million people) have experienced trauma at least once in their lives.

Do you know what else I learned? That we all write a story––create a false narrative––about our shame and unworthiness because of how our brain works. Our brains are wired for survival.

So I started researching more and trying different types of treatment and therapy to shift my inner dialogue around those stories.

And that’s why I wrote the definitive guidebook on how to triumph over trauma.




The definitive guidebook on how to triumph over trauma

Rise Above the Story is part memoir and part evidence-based framework. Inside, I share my own harrowing stories of trauma and distill the science of what your brain does to keep you safe when we experience trauma.
You are not alone. We all carry negative narratives that fill us with shame and unworthiness. I will teach you the proven steps on how to stop living in the past, end your negative mind chatter, and love yourself once and for all.
You’ll discover that to live a joy-filled life you don’t need a new you—you just need to embrace the real you.

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