Your Past Doesn’t
 Define You. You Do

You have the power to let go of the stories that are holding you back from love, success, and authentic life. You have the power to find lasting, authentic happiness. And I can teach you how. My three-part, evidence-based Rise Above the Story formula will show you how to stop your negative mind chatter, rid yourself of shame, and finally love yourself once and for all.

Karena Kilcoyne

What’s the Story That’s Holding You Back?

    • I have so much. Why do I feel so empty?
  • I still don’t know my purpose.
  • Everyone has all the answers but me. What am I missing?
  • I’m ashamed of my past, my family, or where I came from.
  • I’m not worthy of joy, love, or wealth.
  • I know my life needs to change, but I have no idea how to do it.
  • Nothing ever works out for me.
  • There’s got to be something more for me. This can’t be all there is.
  • I just want to feel good about myself again.
  • Why do I attract narcissists and people who gaslight me?

I used to tell myself these stories too.
Like many others, my trauma resulted in shame.

What do we do when the pain of the past is too much to bear? When we feel empty and worthless despite our success and daily triumphs? We acknowledge the limiting story we’ve written for ourselves, and we rise above it.
If you’re tired of feeling less-than, unworthy, or that you’re not living to your full potential, this book will show you how to rise above those beliefs and find true meaning.

In this book, I’ll teach you to…

  • Acknowledge the traumatic stories and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your true potential.
  • Untangle yourself from the stories and how to release them.
  • Rise above the story and create a life you love.
Karena Kilcoyne

Learn how to finally let go of the past by embracing every beautiful, imperfect piece of yourself

After decades of suppressing my own trauma (and as a result, suffering with depression and anxiety), I went on a healing journey. The first thing I learned was that I wasn’t alone in my pain. The National Council for Mental Wellbeing reports that approximately 70 percent of adults in the United States (or 223.4 million people) have experienced trauma at least once in their lives. Something tells me the number is higher considering many people don’t talk about their trauma because they’re ashamed.

But what I learned next shifted my healing journey. I learned that we all write a story—create a false narrative—about our shame and unworthiness because of how our brain works. Our brains are wired for survival! I started researching more and trying different types of treatment and therapy to shift my inner dialogue around my old, limiting stories.

I wrote this book to open the door for people—so they feel seen and heard and welcome into a safe space for healing. I want you to stop living small and being unhappy. I’m here to remind you that you are worthy of a joyful life.

Are You Ready to Rise?


I rose above my limiting stories and you can too, using my simple, yet effective, science-backed formula.




Rise Above the Story is the definitive guidebook on how to triumph over trauma.

You are not alone in your trauma or your shame. We all carry negative narratives that fill us with shame and unworthiness. I will teach you the proven steps on how to stop living in the past, end your negative mind chatter, and love yourself once and for all.

I invite you to come along, dive into the depths of your truth, and find real joy and peace.


The pathway to healing and happiness is waiting for you.


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