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After an eight hour flight to London we arrived a bit sleepy but happy. We spent two hours in the First Class Club trying to adjust to the time difference. My body felt like it was breakfast time but the local clocks insisted it was lunchtime.

Before long, we settled into our British Airways seats for the last leg of our journey – London to Paris.

London, on the ground, was gray and gloomy. London above the clouds was luminous.

{The sunny skies above the London clouds.}

Afternoon tea was served with warm scones, clotted cream, lovely tea sandwiches and fruit cake. Just a civilized afternoon tea at 20,000 feet.

{Tray of afternoon goodies.}



{Tea and champagne.}

{Clotted cream. I need to eat this more often.}

{Clotted cream. I need to eat this more often.}

I’ve decided that fruitcake is an acquired taste. You don’t develop taste buds for it until you are at least 35.

{Fresh fruitcake.}

As we approached Paris, the sky lit up a wondrous cascade of oranges and reds. Perhaps a good sign of the adventures that lie ahead.

{The Paris sunset.}


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