The Importance of Being Lovable

The Importance of Being Lovable

The Key to Being More Lovable Is Loving Yourself First

Love is everything! It’s the common denominator of our existence—the energy that fuels us and the world around us.

How do we attract more love? By being more lovable!

Being lovable allows us to attract the type of love we desire. Whether it’s a romantic love or a deeper love with friends and family, being more lovable helps us attract meaningful, authentic love. 

So how do we become more lovable?

You fall in love with yourself first.

Let me explain…

Video Transcript:

Being lovable is so important because it’s the common denominator to everything. Love is—it’s the currency to everything, it’s the energy that moves the world. And when we’re more lovable, we can attract the kind of love we want to us. So, whether we’re in a relationship or want a deeper connection, or we’re single and we’re seeking a lover or partner, or we’re choosing to be single and we want some really great friends, right. If we’re lovable, we can attract the kind of love we want to us.

Now how do we do that? How do we become more lovable? 

How to Be More Lovable

You fall in love with yourself first. We’ve all met these people, right? You meet them at a party or an event and they change the energy of a room with their aura, or they make you feel better about yourself after they’ve talked to you. Those people have fallen in love with themselves, and they know the secret of how to do it. 

So how do we fall in love with ourselves? Well you do it in three ways. You:

Do What Lights You Up

You spend time doing things that light you up, those things that make you have fun with yourself, the things that bring you joy. And oftentimes those are things you’re good at, right? So you’re gonna want to do them, it will reinforce to you how great you are, and that’s easy to fall in love with. 

Stop Picking on Yourself

Another thing is—a big one, a huge one—is stop picking on yourself. I’d dare to say you wouldn’t fall in love with somebody who told you that you needed to lose ten pounds, your right eyebrow is crooked, and you didn’t look good in yoga pants. Right? So stop picking on yourself, be nice.

Stop Living in the Past

And the third way to become more lovable, and to fall in love with yourself, is to stop living in the past. You aren’t your past and your past isn’t happening anymore, it’s really not, unless you’re letting it play in a loop in your head. So we’re gonna forget that, we’re gonna forget all your perceived mistakes and your failed relationships because that’s not who you are.

To fall in love with yourself you have to understand that you’re all these beautiful gifts, all the wonderful things inside of you. And if you’re finding it a little tricky and you’re losing patience with yourself, I suggest that maybe spending time with a dog or a child or someone that makes you feel worthy of love. Because when you feel worthy of love, especially your own, and you can unconditionally love yourself, then you’re gonna become more lovable and you’re gonna attract the kind of love you want to you.

Don’t Give Up on You

Falling in love with yourself may be challenging for some of us. But it’s so worth it. To take the leap, it’s important that you spend time doing what lights you up, resisting the mean voice in your head, and living in the present, not the past. 

Once you’ve done this, then you will attract the boundless love we all deserve. 

With resilience, grace, and love, 


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