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Two people are traveling for two weeks through the fashion capital of the world at the onset of winter. How do we pack everything we need to be hip and stylish yet stay warm and dry all under 50 pounds?

David and I will begin our journey in Paris then travel by train to Avignon and then onto the French Riviera. We plan to eat at more than a few great restaurants, trek through the sites at Normandy, meander through wall cities drinking wine, and ending our trip in Monte Carlo for a night at the famed Casino de Monte Carlo.

What’s a girl to pack? Here’s what I came up with…

{For the plane ~ Tory layered with AG jean leggings (super comfy) and Banana Republic tan boots.}


{Theory leather dress from NM last year and my fav JCrew bauble necklace.}

{Oh, Milly. J’adore this skirt. Picked it up at Saks last week. Will pair it with a simple black crewneck sweater and my new “pearl” collar necklace. Don’t forget the textured tights and Kate Spade heels. Tres chic, non?}

{Leather peplum for night with skinny jeans and boots. Don’t forget my vintage Chanel necklace. When in Paris…”}

{Michael Kors jersey dress with ruched side. Very flirty, with my Kenneth Jay Lane pearl necklace. This is for dancing.}

I will wear jeans, boots, and Tory sweaters during the day with a Burberry coat and a beret.

Here’s how the scale came out…

A little over. I think I’ll just bat my American eyelashes and hope for the best.



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