5 ~ Fun, Sexy Inspirations

5 ~ Fun, Sexy Inspirations

Our weekly series continues with something old, something new, something borrowed, and someone playin’ the blues. Here’s to being inspired!

1. Soul Food

I had the low down, dirty blues all week. Well, sort of. I took my first harmonica lesson with a friend, who also happens to be a talented Blues musician. And let me tell you, there ain’t nothin’ like playin’ the Blues to get the inspirational juices flowing. All week I fooled around with this mouth harp. Once you learn the technique, the rest is just feelin’ it. Playin’ around with it. Gettin’ in the groove. Cuttin’ loose. What’s better soul food than that?


2. Beauty & Anti-Aging

I eat vegan-ish, which means fruits, vegetables, cupcakes and alcohol. Periodically, I throw in eggs or fish. Since I began eating like this a few years ago, I’ve noticed significant changes. My skin is clear and my eyes are brighter. I’m happier too, which is probably due to the cupcakes and alcohol.

All kidding aside, l’m a true believer in what good eating can do for you from the inside out. I was inspired this week by Kimberly Snyder’s new book, Beauty Detox Foods. The book is filled with recipes that will inspire you to get your “glow on” every day. She doesn’t mention cupcakes or alcohol in her book. But feel free to indulge every now and again. Deprivation will get you nowhere.


3. Wellness

I was in a food rut. I was eating certain things at certain times and felt like I was eating more out of habit than intention. So I started the week with a wellness goal: to eat when I was hungry and stop when I was satisfied.

When I started eating with intention, I became aware of how many times a day I munched on something because I was bored, avoiding a task, or comforting myself. When I’d find myself standing in front of the open refrigerator this week, I remembered my intention and asked myself whether I was truly hungry. Most of the time I wasn’t.

After a few days, I noticed that I didn’t eat as often or as much as I had been. And when lunch or dinner rolled around, I was truly hungry but not starving. I also found that I enjoyed my food more. I went to bed feeling light, not bloated, and woke up hungry.

As an added benefit, my jeans went on a little easier this morning. It just goes to show you – good intentions will get you everywhere.

4. Travel

Is this a Karousing kind of bike or what? I love everything about this, including the fold out table. This would be perfect for a bike tour in France. All I’d need is my love, some wine, and my harmonica. J’adore!


5. Style

I was sad to hear that Lilly Pulitzer died this week. I’ve been collecting Lilly Pulitzer dresses for years and bought a new one on my last trip to Palm Beach. I love the look of a long Lilly dress. Over the summer, there’s inevitably a party or two, or an elegant island restaurant, that calls for a long dress and flat sandals. It’s a classic look that reminds me of a bygone era when people had cocktail parties and drank rye whiskey, which by the way, is making a come back.

{My new Lilly. Photo from LillyPulitzer.com.}

{My new Lilly.}

I was surprised by the similarities that my new Lilly has to the vintage Lilly (circa 1960s) that I bought on eBay a few years ago.

{My vintage Lilly, circa 1960s.}


…and one fun, sexy inspiration for the weekend…

Did you hear? Rye whiskey is making a comeback! Here’s a drink inspiration borrowed from Serious Eats – the Philly Smash. Cheers!

 Be fun. Be sexy. Be spiritual. Happy weekend!

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