How to Rise Above Your Story and Take Charge of Your Life

How to Rise Above Your Story and Take Charge of Your Life

Do you ever feel like you were put on this earth to do something more? You have big dreams, but life keeps throwing obstacles in your way, keeping you stuck in the same place. You may wonder whether things will ever improve or if there is a way out for you. 

The answer is yes! 

Once you learn how to overcome your limiting stories and beliefs, you can push those obstacles aside and take back your life. My Rise Above the Story formula is a three-phase process that shows you how to do this with real examples from my own journey in overcoming trauma. 

Quit Focusing On What You Don’t Want and Discover What You Do Want

Negative self-talk is an all too familiar pastime that makes the trauma-healing process feel impossible. Rising above that story is the only way to discover what you really want from life, rather than focusing on all the things you don’t want. I’m excited to help you heal because I’ve been where you are. I’ve been through trauma. I’ve lived inside my limiting stories for too many years before finding a method to break beyond my negative thoughts to create lasting results. I share my proven strategy to acknowledge, untangle, and rise above the story holding you back. 

Step One: Acknowledge Your Story

If you’re living a small life limited by the constructs of the stories you believe about yourself, you’re not alone. Most of us have some type of childhood trauma or have had a traumatic experience that has ingrained itself in our thoughts, hopes, and dreams. The first step to overcoming the anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief associated with that trauma is to acknowledge the story you’re telling yourself that’s holding you back. 

Step Two: Untangle Your Story

The next step is to untangle your story. This is the beautifully messy part of healing because you now know the story you need to unlearn. Inside my book, I not only take you through my journey of healing, but I share real, actionable strategies to help you through your journey too. If there is one essential lesson I’ve learned, it’s that you must learn to love yourself first before you can expect others to do the same. 

Step Three: Rise Above Your Story

Reading books on well-being and books about overcoming trauma are great ways to start your healing journey, but most only offer so much. I wrote Rise Above the Story because I found a method to let go of the negative, false stories I believed about myself for good and create real, lasting happiness. You can learn to love your life story when you rise above your story. 

Imagine loving your true, authentic self.

Imagine getting rid of the voices in your head that hold you back. 

Imagine feeling worthy and 100% secure in your relationships. 

Imagine doing that thing that lights you up with joy. 

Imagine following your passion. 

Imagine finally accomplishing that goal. 

Finding inner peace and joy is possible when you follow my process for acknowledging, untangling, rising above, and healing trauma. 

Learn How to Stop Dreaming and Start Living

It’s time to stop dreaming and make your desires a reality. I teach readers how to acknowledge the limiting stories that hold them back and untangle themselves from the false narratives that they are unworthy and unlovable. Unlike other mental health books to read, Rise Above the Story will teach you how your brain works and how to change your life by practicing self-awareness. You’ll receive guidance on self-love, how to find emotional freedom and lasting happiness. I found my way out, and I know you will, too, because your past does not define you. You do.


About Rise Above the Story 

What do we do when the pain of the past is too much to bear? When trauma and shame overwhelm us? When we feel empty and worthless despite our success and daily triumphs?

We rise above our story.

In her new book, Rise Above the Story, former lawyer and trauma survivor Karena Kilcoyne shares with raw vulnerability how she rose above her stories of abandonment, worthlessness, and shame. She’ll help you let go of your own past by embracing every beautiful, imperfect piece of yourself—no matter what your story looks like. She’ll teach you how to:

  • Acknowledge your story. Identify the story that’s limiting your life.
  • Release your story. Discover how your story took over your life by unearthing your repressed fear and shame.
  • Rise above your story. Explore how your hardships can serve you and learn how to finally love yourself unconditionally.

Rising above your story will empower you to live the life of your dreams. Karena’s beautifully simple, yet powerful, formula offers emotional freedom and unfettered joy when you’re ready to embrace the vibrant, worthy, and lovable person you truly are.

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