5 Things Every Man Needs To Know

5 Things Every Man Needs To Know

Have you heard? Karousing isn’t just for women. I was inspired this week to share a few fun, sexy ideas for men.

1. Yes, You Can Have More Sex.

Turns out, low sex drive isn’t just affecting women. In his new bookMan 2.0 Engineering the Alpha: A Real World Guide to an Unreal Life: Build More Muscle. Burn More Fat. Have More Sex, John Romaniello says that men, regardless of their age, can experience low testosterone levels, causing weight gain, depression, apathy, and low sex drive. Romaniello gives you the winning formula for getting your body and your sex life exactly where you want it.

His list of fans includes athletes, stars, and “The Arnold.” His Alpha video sure got me fired up, and who doesn’t love a book that has “HAVE MORE SEX” in the title?


2. Save Your Face – Removing Sun Damage is Sexy. 

In case you haven’t heard, sun damage doesn’t just happen to women. If you don’t wear sunscreen on a daily basis, it’s happening to guys too. This week, my husband had a Fraxel laser treatment to remove the sun damage that he’s incurred over decades of fishing and sailing. Fraxel laser treatments are an effective way to remove pre-cancerous cells. As an added bonus, they also remove brown age spots and leave you looking refreshed. Here’s the deal:

  • Your face is numbed before the treatment, meaning little discomfort during the procedure.
  • Recovery time is 4-7 days.
  • The worse you look immediately after the treatment the more sun damage that’s been removed and the better you’ll look afterward.
  • If you live in Tampa Bay, Skin NV is the place to have your Fraxel treatment. Be sure to mention that you like Karousing.
  • More FAQs here.
{The day after the treatment.}

{The day after the treatment.}

Here’s another tip. Nothing’s sexier than a man who knows which sunscreen to use. Be sure to use one with both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. This is a great one.


3. It’s Spring. There Are Other Things to Wear Besides Tommy Bahama.

Try Southern Tide. My husband loves their polos and button downs. He says the cotton is the softest he’s worn, and I say you can’t go wrong with the fun, bright colors for Spring. If that’s not enough to spark your interest, Southern Tide was recently ranked 27th on Forbes Magazine’s annual list of “America’s Most Promising Companies.” Looks like the Skipjack might be on to something.


4. There’s a Real Adventure Out There Where Next To No Clothing is Required. And It Has Your Name Written ALL Over It. 

Charter a boat  and sail the islands.  My husband and I have done this a few times and sailed around the British Virgin Islands. This summer we’re taking two of our favorite couples and sailing around Anguilla and St. Barths. It’s an amazing adventure and a weeklong laid back way of living – think bathing suits, t-shirts, and flip flops 24/7. The Moorings offers great destinations and captains are available.

Alt_2013 BVI Spring RegattaSailing Festival

{Photo courtesy of www.sail-world.com.}

5. Yes, There Are Better Things To Do Than To Wait On Hold.

We all know that wasting time on hold, waiting for what seems like an eternity, for someone at American Airlines to take your call can cause an inordinate amount of stress. So why not let Lucy Phone wait on hold for you? Simply download the app, enter the toll free number you’d like to call, tell Lucy Phone where you can be reached, and Lucy Phone will call you back when an agent as picked up your call. As lauded in The New York Times, Lucy Phone may be the best thing since sliced bread or great sex. Hmm…Lucy Phone’s good, but not that good.

{Photo curtesy of http://www.kickdebtoff.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Lucy-phone.jpg.}

{Photo curtesy of http://www.kickdebtoff.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Lucy-phone.jpg.}

Hope you enjoyed our first post geared toward men. I’m looking for more fun ideas for guys. What are some of your favorite things or ways to relax? Leave your comments below and we’ll be back with another manly post. Until then ~

Be fun. Be sexy. Be spiritual.

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