Animals Absorb Our Energy

Animals Absorb Our Energy

Animals are special creatures. Like us, they are sources of spiritual power that both absorb and reflect the energy that surrounds them.

For many of us, animals are an outlet of joy and happiness. A little girl gets her first dog and the two become inseparable, spending time playing and swimming. A young man living in his first apartment adopts a cat and is comforted each night by his furry friend looking to snuggle.

But for others, the connection to animals may be deeper, more spiritual.

That’s what happened to me.

Finn was my goofy, affable golden retriever. But he was also my emotional refuge and spiritual guide in a life previously marred by abandonment and fear. He was my solace in an emotional existence that swung between my varied fight or flight responses. He was my world up until his life ending diagnosis and then he became even more.

Let me explain…

You see, Finn’s disease shined a light on my emotional dis-ease. His presence showed me the path through my pain and into comfort, peace, and relaxation.

His short, poignant life serves as a reminder to savor the relationships we make during our brief time on Earth. Those relationships, those connections, and the energy they create are often the gateway to our most Divine purpose. 

With resilience, grace, and love, 


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