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I hate skiing! I tried it years ago and I fell––a lot. I mean a lot. Heck, I even fell off the chairlift. And that wasn’t the really humiliating part, the real embarrassment occurred when a six-year-old gracefully glided off the lift four chairs later while I was still in a duck and cover position and skied right over me as if I were a ramp! The indignity propelled me to butt scoot down the mountain, belly up to a bar, and promptly order a bottle of wine and a very large pepperoni pizza.

I vowed I’d never go back.

Then last week…I went back.

Mostly because my husband coaxed me. He’s one of those amazing double black diamond skiers who, long ago, probably resembled the six-year-old who careened off my backside. But, because I love him (but more so because I love the cute outfits), I said yes to another round of mountain mortification.

But this time was different. Sort of. I still fell a lot. But, I went in knowing I would and that getting back up is part of evolving into a stronger, more resilient spirit. And, this time around, my self-esteem was stronger. It was warm and vibrant and seeking adventure.

There’s a lot to bettering our self-esteem, and in this video I share some ideas on how to do it and why being overly-confident can set us back.

I’m still not sure I love skiing, but one thing’s for sure—it’s not about falling. It’s about getting back up…and the cute outfits!

With resilience, grace, and love,



Karena Kilcoyne

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