Do What Lights You Up

Do What Lights You Up

Why is it so important to do the things that light you up–the things you truly love–the things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Because it’s why you’re here. Doing what lights you up is a huge part of why you’re here on Earth.

Think about it like this…what if we’re all born with these little seeds of passion in us, these little buds of spiritual knowledge that are meant to blossom into a big, colorful life? What if they’re inside us whispering sweet cheers of…

“Dance, sweet baby!”

“Sing, beautiful one!”

“Make art out of napkins you magnificent creature!”

The idea of being born with these seeds inside us goes a long way in explaining some pretty inexplicable things. Such as, why a four-year-old boy suddenly starts doing ballet in the living room completely unprompted. Why someone cries the first time they hear Beethoven. Or why, when you paint, sing, or write, you lose all track of time. These magic seeds that have been divinely planted inside you, these are the spiritual whispers that will help you fulfill your purpose. It’s up to you to listen to those whispers and to do the things that light you up.

Oh, but if it were only that easy.

Because you see, it’s also true that the things that light us up can also be the things we resist the most. Haven’t we all been in that moment, when something sets us afire with excitement? Butterflies dance in our stomachs and everything about it feels warm and inviting and comfortable, just like home. Those little buds of magic are sprouting above our spiritual soil. And just as we’re about to fall completely into them, to surrender ourselves to their all-knowing power, what do we do?

We scroll Instagram…

We check our email…

We binge watch Netflix.

Why, why, why do we do that? Why do we shy away from the things that light us up? Because our brain is trying to protect us. It fills us with doubts by talking louder than those spiritual whispers. It might cringe and say, “Don’t do that, you’ll look like a fool.”

Or, it may stomp around while insisting, “That is the stupidest thing, ever.” Or, it may spew out the most damaging lie of all, “Don’t be ridiculous! What lights you up doesn’t matter to the world.”

Ouch. That one really hurts, right?

I’m here to tell you this: your brain is a dirty, rotten scoundrel that will fill you with fear and doubt. And if you let it, it will keep you from success, from greatness, and from fulfilling your purpose. Because the truth is, you are the sum of those magical little whispers, the nudges toward creativity and purpose.

What lights you up matters.

Giving those bright, beautiful parts of you to the world is one of the most important things you will ever do. Sharing your gifts is why you’re here, and it’s how you’ll change the world in ways you could never comprehend.

So please, we’re all begging you–tune in and listen to those spiritual nudges. Push yourself. Do the things that light you up. That’s how you’re going to live a big, beautiful, meaningful life. And there’s no greater gift you can give the world than that.  

With resilience, grace, and love,


P.S. And just in case you need more spiritual proof that we’re born with magic seeds of passion in us–tune into this!  

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