Do you wonder why you feel so empty when you have so much? Here’s How to Rise Above Your Story.

Do you wonder why you feel so empty when you have so much? Here’s How to Rise Above Your Story.

Do you wonder why you feel so empty when you have so much? 

I know, I’ve been there, too. 

And what I know after decades of living inside my limiting story is that there aren’t enough Louis Vuitton bags, fast cars, or bespoke vacations to heal your insecurities. 

You won’t heal your trauma or your pain by seeking external validation. You won’t find authentic happiness with money, a fancy title, or more stuff. 

Happiness is in you. It’s hidden under your past trauma. 

There are wounds that need healing. And in that space of transformational growth you will find inner peace, joy, and the emotional freedom to no longer care what others think. The only validation you’ll need is your own. 

On the surface, many people seem happy, motivated, and confident, but underneath that armor, most people are holding themselves back from their true potential with limiting beliefs and stories created to drag them down. Trust me, you are not alone in your storytelling. 

Trauma is far more common than most people realize, and even fewer understand that they have the power and potential within themselves to heal their trauma and rise above their stories. I spent years learning about my own trauma and how to heal my heart, mind, and body. What I know to be true after decades of suffering is that the past doesn’t define you. You do.

How to Empower Yourself to Rise Above Your Story

My pursuit of overcoming my trauma led me to read many top books on the mental health book list and to try various methods of healing to end my inner turmoil. There were so many options and offerings, and not everything worked. Some of it was too finite to let the light shine in, while some of it was too complex to offer any lasting comfort. What did resonate, what did help me rise above my story, is in my Rise Above the Story formula. Once you tap into it, you’ll feel more empowered, more fulfilled, and you’ll fall in love with your true self. 

Step One: Acknowledge Your Story

If you’ve ever wondered why you feel so empty when you have so much, you’re not alone! Your first step to healing is to uncover and acknowledge the story that is holding you back. What is it that is causing you pain? Why do you keep looking outside yourself for answers? When you know your truth, you can take the next step toward healing. 

Step Two: Untangle Your Story

The next step is the messy part of healing. Once you’ve identified the limiting story you’ve created for yourself, you can take real steps to heal your pain from childhood trauma or other traumatic experiences in your life. If you drive yourself with fear and perfectionism instead of compassion and joy, you’ll switch gears with me in the pages of my book. I’ll take you on a journey by sharing real, actionable strategies to help you because if I can rise above, you can, too. 

Step Three: Rise Above & Find Real, Lasting Happiness

I’ll share my tried and true tips on how to tap into authentic self-love. You’ll discover the alchemy in loving yourself unconditionally once and for all. I’ll show you how to uncover compassion for others, and especially for yourself. When you know who you really are, when you embrace the whole of you without shame, your life will transform right before your eyes.  

My goal is to empower you to heal yourself and to believe that you are worthy of joy and love, especially your own. 

  • Imagine feeling like your life is enough.
  • Imagine living your life on purpose. 
  • Imagine feeling confident and secure in your relationships and professional life. 

When you rise above your story, you will be free to pursue your life, experience inner peace, and love your authentic self. 

Learn to Live Your Life With Purpose

If you’re searching for the best book to read for mental health and wellness, I know you’ll walk away from my story with actionable strategies to untangle yourself from the false narratives of being unworthy and unlovable. I offer guidance on self-love and how to find emotional freedom. I share teachings on how the brain works and how you can change your life by practicing self-awareness and trusting your thoughts and feelings. I’ve been where you are, and I’ve been through trauma. I lived inside my limiting stories for too long, and since I’ve found my way through them, I knew I had to share how I did it with raw vulnerability.


About Rise Above the Story 

What do we do when the pain of the past is too much to bear? When trauma and shame overwhelm us? When we feel empty and worthless despite our success and daily triumphs?

We rise above our story.

In her new book, Rise Above the Story, former lawyer and trauma survivor Karena Kilcoyne shares with raw vulnerability how she rose above her stories of abandonment, worthlessness, and shame. She’ll help you let go of your own past by embracing every beautiful, imperfect piece of yourself—no matter what your story looks like. She’ll teach you how to:

  • Acknowledge your story. Identify the story that’s limiting your life.
  • Release your story. Discover how your story took over your life by unearthing your repressed fear and shame.
  • Rise above your story. Explore how your hardships can serve you and learn how to finally love yourself unconditionally.

Rising above your story will empower you to live the life of your dreams. Karena’s beautifully simple, yet powerful, formula offers emotional freedom and unfettered joy when you’re ready to embrace the vibrant, worthy, and lovable person you truly are.

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