How to Have a Fun, Sexy, Spiritual Valentine’s Day

How to Have a Fun, Sexy, Spiritual Valentine’s Day

What’s your idea of a fun, sexy, spiritual Valentine’s Day? Mine looks something like this:

{Adam Levine, half naked, doing yoga.}

{Adam Levine, half naked, doing yoga.}

Ok, that’s not really my idea of a fun, sexy, spiritual Valentine’s Day. Well, yes it is. But, I’m happily married so, my fun, sexy, spiritual Valentine’s Day will not include Adam Levine. If I’m lucky, however, it will include yoga and being more than half naked, just not simultaneously.

Here are a few ideas for making your Valentine’s Day (or any day for that matter) with your lover fun, sexy, and spiritual:

Take a Bath Together

Oh, I love this. Sitting in a tub full of bubbles with a glass of wine, talking about life, love, and what not. Or, better yet, schedule a Turkish bath! There’s something sinfully sensual about sitting in a 130 degree room with your lover, watching them sweat and get a scrub down. The Shala Spa in Orlando has an authentic Turkish bath that is perfect to share this sumptuous escape.

Get Up With Each Other

No, I’m not talking about getting out of bed in the morning. I’m talking about the latest, greatest personal wellness gadget from Jawbone.


{Up plugs into your smartphone, or use the included adapter to plug into your computer.}

{You can plug Up into your smartphone or computer.}

Up is a techno-geek wristband that monitors your sleep, activity, and food intake. When used in conjunction with the Up app, Up helps you track your wellness goals. It also tracks your sleep cycle (light and REM) and uses the Smart Alarm to ensure that you wake up at the appropriate time in your sleep cycle, guaranteed to leave you feeling refreshed and not groggy.

Two Ups will be delivered to my house in time for Valentine’s Day. Creating a team of two to support your wellness goals is a great way to stoke the fires. And let me tell you, there’s nothing like a little reward for meeting your goals to get each other Up, if you know what I mean. With all the fun colors available, it’s also easy to make a fashion statement while getting you and your lover Up.

Turn Up the Heat

A couple who cooks together, stays together. How much fun can you have adding a little spice here and a little heat there? A lot. Here’s my advice – do it when you can be relaxed and free spirited with no other obligations except to the oven and each other.

Some of my favorite romantic evenings have been centered around cooking at home. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Think about cooking chili on a cold night and eating it while cuddled on the couch watching a movie. Or, you could make French toast for dinner while wearing some sexy pjs. Having breakfast for dinner is a fun way to shake up the status quo. Throw in a little wine and a side of flirty, and you’re all set for a fun, sexy evening.

{Or, skip the sexy pjs. Instead, take his shirt off when he gets home and wear it while you both cook.}

{Or, skip the sexy pjs. Instead, take his shirt off when he gets home and wear it while you both cook.}

Get Busy Seducing

It’s all about keeping it fresh and keeping your lover intrigued. Don’t get into the mindset that sex is assumed. That’s when it starts to feel like old hat. If you want a hot sex life, seduction is a must. If you haven’t seduced your lover in a while, there’s no better time than today.

If you’re rusty or need some new moves, I recommend watching Kate Upton do it. Trust me. This two-time Sport Illustrated swimsuit cover girl can teach us a thing of two about the art of seduction. She’s on fire.

{Sexy is as sexy does.}

{Sexy is as sexy does.}

Shut Down and Tune In

If you’re on Facebook, Pinterest, and email when you could be cuddling, stop it. Make an effort to shut down access to the cyber world and tune into the person who shares your bed. Connecting and cuddling is serious business, and nothing says, “I’d rather be anywhere else than right here with you” like pinning new photos to your style board.

So tune in and get close. Pinterest and Facebook will be there tomorrow.


Be Sure to Send the Right Signal

Buy some fun pillows for the bed and use them to send the right signal for the evening. For when you’re in the mood…

(When you're in the mood.}

Or not in the mood…

{Or not in the mood.}

If you’re not in the mood, get in the mood. It’s Valentine’s Day!

Have a glass of wine and put your sexy panties on. Today is about love, feeling love, and showing love. The good news is you don’t have to be Adam Levine or Kate Upton to have a fun, sexy, spiritual Valentine’s Day. But, feel free to borrow some of their moves. I’m sure your lover won’t mind. Now go get your love on.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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