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Happy Mother’s Day to all you fun, sexy, spiritual moms out there! I lost my mom when I was in my early twenties. Since then, Mother’s Day has been about honoring her by thanking all the special women who have influenced, guided, and cared for me in her absence. The old adage is true, it does take a village to raise a child (or a young adult).

A heart full of love and gratitude to all the women who make life more loving and beautiful. XO



woman lying in grass happy after overcoming childhood trauma and not being stuck in fight or flight

From Surviving to Thriving: How You Can Shift Out of Fight or Flight

Overcoming Childhood Trauma Often Starts with Escaping the Fight or Flight Response George and Betty’s doors were buttoned up tightly the day I stood on the side of my house metamorphosing into a twelve-year-old hustler. But smoke billowed from my neighbors’ chimney, so I knew they were home. They were my best option for getting…

how to be more lovable by loving yourself

The Importance of Being Lovable

The Key to Being More Lovable Is Loving Yourself First Love is everything! It’s the common denominator of our existence—the energy that fuels us and the world around us. How do we attract more love? By being more lovable! Being lovable allows us to attract the type of love we desire. Whether it’s a romantic…