How to Supercharge Your Immune System

How to Supercharge Your Immune System

In the days of Covid, I haven’t been sick once. Not a cold, sinus infection, or the flu. It could be because I’m not traveling. Or, because I’m constantly washing my hands and wearing a mask. Or maybe because I’m not hugging people. 

But I really think it’s because I supercharge my immune system. It’s crucial to supercharge our immune systems now because it’s cold and flu season. And, they’re telling us that this will be a long, dark winter before the Coronavirus vaccine can have a significant impact. But, something tells me it won’t be long until we’re traveling, hugging people, and getting germy again. And I for one, cannot wait!

So, how do we supercharge our immune systems?

1. Eat the rainbow.

Eat as much color as you can in a day. Have veggies or fruit at every meal. Throw them together in a shake. During this cold time of the year, I love making soup. It’s a great way to throw in a lot of veggies. I particularly love this easy and delicious turkey cabbage soup. I add carrots and onions, and garlic to the recipe to give it some extra zing. Also, when you can please buy organic. It’s crucial to keep our bodies free of pesticides and harsh chemicals. Trader Joe’s is a wonderful place to shop anytime, but especially if you want clean food at a tremendous price.

2. Detox your body.

Detoxing doesn’t have to mean stringent diets. It can be as simple as sweating. Be active. Go for a power walk. Use an infrared sauna. You can also detox by doing yoga. Twisting and bending and breathing help push toxins out of your organs. I also love lymph drainage massages, which help drain fluid from your lymphatic system and transport white blood cells that help prevent infections. Jumping on a trampoline, aka rebounding, is a great way to drain your lymphatic system too.

3. Get good sleep!

This one is so important. Our body heals and restores itself when we sleep. One of the first indicators of being sick for me is feeling run down. If you’ve been on this journey with me for a while you know how much I adore good sleep.

4. Stop using chemicals!

This is a literal soap box for me. Years ago, I stopped using traditional cleaning and beauty products. They are chalk  chock full of terrible chemicals, harsh ingredients, and neurotoxins. The chemicals found in cleaning products, makeup, shampoo, air fresheners, and candles can cause a litany of health issues including hormone disruption. I love Thrive Cosmetics, Two Goat Candles and Virtue hair products.

5. Take quality vitamins.

For what vitamins we don’t get from food, we need help. But not just any vitamin will do. I have tried countless vitamins and supplements over the years, and my favorite by far is UniKey’s female multiple. This formula was derived by Ann Louise Gittleman, a health hero of mine and author of Before the Change.

6. Clean up your emotions.

Holding in anger and sadness is toxic to your immune system. Energy is energy and harboring negative emotions will hack away at a healthy immune system. Are you holding a grudge? Forgetting to do what makes you happy? Losing patience with your significant other? Click the links and see if any of these ideas lift your mood and help you tidy up your emotional landscape.

  1. Floss your teeth.

Dental hygiene is a priority in my life and for good reason. The bacteria and plaque that builds up along your gum line can cause inflammation and infection that your immune system responds to, which then leaves less umph for your immune system to fight off other things. I love my Waterpic and use it multiple times a day. It’s a lot faster and more effective than flossing. Another benefit? You’ll have glorious, clean breath!

During these long, dark days of our Covid winter be good to yourself and your immune system. And have faith that you’re working toward something great. You’re using this time to get strong and healthy so that when the snow thaws and the sun shines warmly on us, we can travel and hug and kiss once again.


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