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Sometimes we’re just so human. You know what I mean—those times when other people’s habits, perspectives, and political views get the best of us and we say hurtful things. But also within our humanness, deep inside all our impatience and judgment, we have something else, something better.

We have compassion. 

Compassion is so powerful! It’s how we shine our Divine light onto others. Let me explain…

By shining compassion’s light on someone else’s journey, you create space for us all to not only exist together but to thrive alongside one another. Someone else’s destination may not be of significance to you, and they may be going the complete opposite direction, but it is truly the work of the Divine to ensure we all make our way home.

With resilience, grace, and love,




Karena Kilcoyne

Rewriting Your Sex Story

His eyes were as dark as night. That should’ve been my sign to run the other direction–the windows to his soul shut tight, forbidding the light to shine in or out–but instead, I ran straight toward this long-time bachelor with my arms (and legs) wide open and my eyes wide shut.  This wasn’t my first…

How to Go From Day-Job to Dream-Job

You may not know this about me, but I used to be a lawyer. Well, I still am a lawyer, but I don’t practice anymore. But there was a time when all I wanted to do was defend criminals. Not because I had a warm and fuzzy for lawlessness. Actually, it was the opposite: I…