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Relationships are tricky, aren’t they? No matter how new and exciting the coupling or how experienced and finely-aged, we can still find moments of friction and tension.

And in the times of COVID, when people are confined to small spaces (often for long stretches), the normal friction of a relationship can be magnified. 

So when you and your partner inevitably encounter a spell of anger or frustration, I invite you to find solace in solitude—a space or activity where you feel safe and comfortable, a place where you can fill yourself back up with joy. I explain more in this video…

Remember that this time away from your couple is temporary and serves to preserve your own emotional health, while also strengthening the bond of your relationship. I hope you’ll see it as an opportunity for both of you to grow and become more in touch with the love you share.

With resilience, grace, and love,



Karena Kilcoyne

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