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Sometimes loving ourselves is difficult. While we show compassion and understanding to others, we rarely show it to ourselves. We pay compliments to others but hardly to ourselves. We long to be with others and show our love, but don’t show love for ourselves. 


A lot of it comes from how we were raised. How we were loved. How our parents modeled self-love. Some of it comes from our perfectionist, driven personalities that continually want more instead of enjoying our accomplishments. And then there’s the little mean voice that cuts us no slack.

How do we change? How do we fall in love with ourselves? Find unconditional self-love? Practice! Real self-love, the kind that is unconditional and leads to true inner peace requires daily practice. 

In this video, I share a few of my favorite and most effective tools for practicing self-love. You’ll see how self-love is about the present moment, not searching the past or projecting to the future. 

We all are worthy of our love, especially our own. 

With resilience, grace, and love, 



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