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We all have that voice in our head. You know the one I’m talking about––the mean, critical one that makes us feel unworthy and less-than. And for many of us, unfortunately, that mean voice is our default setting. 

Whether this negative self-talk is due to childhood trauma, stress, or dysfunctional relationships, it’s difficult to break the pattern. Add to it the pressures of social media and illogical comparisons that have created a distorted reality and the mean loop in our head never seems to stop.

Then we feel left with one single thought: “I’m not enough.”

This is all BS. Because the truth is––YOU ARE ENOUGH! And this week, I want to help you stop being so mean to yourself and reset that negative voice in your head.

Step one is recognizing the pattern and knowing that you’re not alone. Next, try the tips I talk about in this video. With enough practice we can all learn to love ourselves unconditionally. 

Until you get there, I’m rooting for you because you’re amazing and worthy of anything you set your mind to. XO 

With resilience, grace, and love, 



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