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On Friday, I posted Suli Breaks’ outrageously inspiring video “Two Types of People.” I had quite a few people ask me about the man mentioned in the video, Dasrath Manjhi.

In the video, Suli tells us about a man who moved a mountain. Yes, he literally moved a mountain. Manjhi, a poor farmer in India, used only a hammer, a chiesel, and a shovel to build a road through a mountain after the Indian government denied numerous requests to build the road.

Building the road meant that people from different towns could travel with ease and that supplies and necessities could be delivered to remote villages. Children would also have safe passage to school. Manjhi was mocked and ridiculed for his efforts, but he carried on, chipping away at the mountain. Manjhi wasn’t the type of person who listened to ridicule or needed praise. In one of his last interviews he said, “What I did is there for everyone to see. When God is with you, nothing can stop you.”

It took Manjhi twenty-two years to move the mountain and build the road. He died shortly after it was complete. He was not given any award or accolades and was given only the standard government burial.

Suli’s right. There are two types of people in the world. Those that are amazed and those that are amazing. Which one are you?

{Manjhi and his road.}

{Manjhi and his road.}


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