What Do Mick Jagger & Joel Osteen Have in Common?

What Do Mick Jagger & Joel Osteen Have in Common?

Do you secretly wish you had someone’s car, house, or Louis Vuitton bag? Do you long for your sister’s naturally silky hair or your friend’s effortless talents in the kitchen? Do you feel rejected and less than when you find out that a Facebook friend got the job of a lifetime?

I’m here to tell you that your days of feeling bad are over. No more comparing yourself to others. No more wanting what you don’t have. I had an epiphany this week that will rock your world. This is more than an a-ha moment. This is a “HELL YEAH!” moment, and it comes to you courtesy of Mick Jagger and Joel Osteen.

“You can’t always get what you want.
But if you try sometime you just might find,
You get what you need”

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” has been named the 100th best song of all time by Rolling Stone magazine and I’ll tell you why – the idea that Mick Jagger promotes in it is a Universal truth. If you completely, deep down in your soul, understand this, life will make perfect sense to you.

Joel Osteen is also a huge proponent of Mick Jagger’s idea. In his sermon last week, Osteen spoke about David, who as the Bible tells us, became the King of Israel. But before he did that, he killed Goliath with a single pluck of his slingshot. Osteen said that David didn’t appear to have the talent to be the King of Israel. He wasn’t particularly motivating or charming. He didn’t possess great leadership charisma or skills. What David did have was a mean talent with the slingshot, which was exactly what he needed to fulfill his destiny.

It seems to follow then that God gives each and every one of us exactly what we need to fulfill our destinies. What he gives you is different than what he gives me because our journeys are different. I have a mission. You have a mission. We each have our own missions. In order to make sure we carry out our mission, God gives us the tools we need. They may not be the tools we want. But, they are exactly the tools we need.

I was raised by a single mother, and as the oldest child, I was tasked with a lot of responsibility. I rode my bike to the grocery store and rushed home in traffic to make dinner. By the time I was 12, I knew how to wash clothes and iron. Often, I couldn’t play with my friends after school because I had to babysit.

I hated all of it. I was jealous of my friends who had more freedom and didn’t have to clean bathrooms and change diapers.

My mom died when I was 24, and I was left to raise my then nine year old brother. It was hard, but guess what? I had the tools I needed. I knew how to cook and clean and manage a budget. I knew how to parent my brother. He and I had bonded years before. I knew him like a soul mate. I loved him like my own child.

All those years of growing up before my time were my education for the most challenging test of my life. And guess what? I passed with flying colors.


If you graciously accept the tools you are given, the world will make sense to you. You will be able to more clearly see your path and understand the importance of your journey. When you know, deep down in your soul, that you are given everything you need, there isn’t much more you can want.

Well, a new Louis Vuitton handbag would be nice.

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