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Putting the New Back in New York City

New York City is one of my favorite places to go for a long weekend getaway. It’s fast paced. It’s over the top. It’s intoxicating. I love the feel of the city’s sidewalks meeting my feet and leading me to magical destinations where craft cocktails flow like water, cupcakes are sold at ATMs, and Katie […]

10 Ways to Stargaze in Los Angeles

Los Angeles. The city of angels. The home of celebrities. The place where dreams come true. Where movies are made and stars are born. In L.A., stars light up the city streets night and day. And on a recent trip to the West Coast, I had a chance to stargaze from the Hollywood Hills to […]

Gasparilla ~ Tampa’s Golden Key

Gasparilla. It’s more than just boobs and beads. At the end of every January, Tampa is invaded by pirates (or grown men dressed as pirates), who take the key to our fair city and turn it into a rum drinking scene of mayhem and fun. They shoot guns, sling swords, and yell “AAARRRGH” at giggling […]

Karousing in the Florida Keys

I love Key West. But for me, it’s not just about drinking on Duval Street. (Although, drinking is an undeniable pastime in the Conch Republic.) My husband and I have been karousing in Key West for years and have enjoyed fishing, lobstering, and yes, drinking there. Key West is chock full of interesting history and […]

Jupiter & Palm Beach ~ Worth Their Salt

Jupiter and Palm Beach seem like another world nestled on the east coast of the sunshine state. Jupiter is where Tiger Woods and Olivia Newton John live. (Separately, not together. Olivia counts herself among the few of us that Tiger did not bed during the {hushed tone} sex scandal.) It’s where Celine Dion built a […]

You Glow Girl ~ Getting a Turkish Bath

Istanbul has been on my wanderlust list for a while. The markets, the spices, and the panoply of colors have danced in my head so much, it’s as if I’ve already been there. My friend, Melanee, returned recently from Istanbul. Over lunch, I made her tell me every last detail of her spirited adventure. While […]

Seeking Style & Snow ~ Part Deux ~ Lake Placid

So…picking up where we left off, David and I had just spent three amazing days in NYC, celebrating the Christmas holiday and my birthday. On the 27th, we woke up way too early (considering I celebrated my birthday the night before), and hit the road. You’ll probably remember from the last post that the whole […]

Seeking Style & Snow ~ My New York State of Mind

I’m pretty much always seeking style. And by the first of December every year, I am also desperately seeking snow. Having grown up in the Midwest, it just never feels like the holiday season unless there’s snow – powdery, crunchy, stick to your eyelashes snow. It’s been a while since I’ve seen the snow, so […]

The Year in Review ~ What a Ride!

2012 was good to me. But how good was I to it? How did I say thanks to the Higher Up for the 365 days I was given to breathe in and out? We’re not supposed to sit quietly and wait for the world’s gifts. If you woke up today, that’s  your gift. The rest […]