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5 Ways to Go from Overwhelmed to Joyful

Are you overwhelmed? Have you lost your va va voom? Are everyday tasks bringing you down flat? It’s easy to fall into the unhappy lull of go go go and do do do. Even during the days of coronavirus, when we’re supposedly slowing down and staying home, feeling overwhelmed is a real thing. Add to […]

Everything You Need Is Already Inside of You

So often in life when we encounter an obstacle or are confronted with a tough decision, we look outside ourselves for answers. We call a friend, fire off an email to a colleague, or search Google.  Rarely do we ever trust ourselves to solve life’s most difficult questions. We don’t listen to our own wisdom […]

The Importance of Believing

The need to believe has never been more important than right now. Believing in good, in peace, and that everything has a purpose. Believing that we will come out of these uncertain times better and stronger than before. Inevitably, there are times when I pause and think about the craziness in which we find ourselves. […]

How I Found Limitless Freedom

Do you ever feel trapped? Held back? Caught in a time or place that affords no space to be who you long to be? Freedom is an elusive state, most of the time not being appreciated until it is stolen or eroded. But for as long as time, people have in one way or another […]

Letting Go of Fear

These days, we’re probably all feeling a little afraid. We’re afraid of the known and even more so of the unknown. But even if it’s not the coronavirus or social injustice that has us shaken, fear and doubt about who we are and who we want to be can hold us back from leading a […]

Finding Happiness in Uncertain Times

As of late, the times have most certainly been uncertain. In the face of COVID-19 we swish this way and that, adhering to guidelines, rules, and often inconsistent legal implementations. Most people I know feel, to some degree, the uncertainty of their health, work, and most of all, life as they knew it. And what […]

No Pressure, No Diamonds

Sometimes life is hard.  To be honest, it’s not so great right now. And aside from a global pandemic, don’t we all have a story, or two, or ten, about just how hard it is? I’m here to tell you that it’s hard  for everyone. For some more than others. But if you lean in, […]

Why You’re Never Really Stuck

Years ago, I felt stuck in my career. I was a burned out criminal trial lawyer. I’d lost the excitement, the thrill of pleading my case. It was hard to rationalize not being a lawyer after spending so many years in school and building my practice. So, I kept trudging through—feeling more stuck each day.  […]

Do What Lights You Up

Why is it so important to do the things that light you up–the things you truly love–the things that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Because it’s why you’re here. Doing what lights you up is a huge part of why you’re here on Earth. Think about it like this…what if we’re all […]