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The Power of Positive Affirmations

signed title page of You Can Heal Your Life, addressed to Karena Kilcoyne

Embrace the Quick-Fix Power of Positive Affirmations We’re always looking for a quick fix, an easy way to make our lives more convenient. And in our technology based society, there’s an app to help us do just about everything. Apps that get you from here to there. Apps that convert currencies. There’s even an app […]

The Breathwork Exercise That Changed My Life

“What are you looking to release?” the spiritual guide asked. “I’ve had an overwhelming fear of abandonment for as long as I can remember.” She scribbled on her notepaper. “And?” I wanted to say: And, my dog’s dying, and it’s almost the twentieth anniversary of my mom dying, who by the way, I never grieved […]

Letting Go of Shame

Were you raised in a “shame on you” household? I sure was. Maybe it was the era. Maybe it was my parents pushing me to be more. Or maybe it’s how they were raised. But I’ll tell you what—“shame on you” was a punishment that often hurt more than a bare butt spanking.  But let’s […]

How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Have you been working out lately? Naturally, in the year of Covid, my usual exercise haunts are quieter than ever. Treadmills are empty. Pilates reformers are going unused. And, I continue to have a lot more personal space around my yoga mat—as I’ve been doing my downdogs at home.  It’s important, especially this year, to […]

How to Supercharge Your Immune System

In the days of Covid, I haven’t been sick once. Not a cold, sinus infection, or the flu. It could be because I’m not traveling. Or, because I’m constantly washing my hands and wearing a mask. Or maybe because I’m not hugging people.  But I really think it’s because I supercharge my immune system. It’s […]

The Dos and Don’ts For a Happier Thanksgiving

The days before a big holiday can feel overwhelming. We’re rushing around shopping, fighting traffic, and cooking—all while trying to be socially safe. Add to that, the cleaning and prepping and the family drama that usually ensues.  To keep things at a happier, more peaceful vibe this Thanksgiving, here are a few dos and don’ts. […]

EFT Tapping for Turbulent Times

Loving ourselves throughout our lifetime is a wonderful but challenging endeavor. And the big question is––how do we continue to love ourselves through everything, especially the big emotions of self-doubt, fear, and anxiety? It’s so difficult, isn’t it?  I’ve experienced this many times in my life, especially lately when the world is serving up so […]

Stop Being So Mean to Yourself

We all have that voice in our head. You know the one I’m talking about––the mean, critical one that makes us feel unworthy and less-than. And for many of us, unfortunately, that mean voice is our default setting.  Whether this negative self-talk is due to childhood trauma, stress, or dysfunctional relationships, it’s difficult to break […]

The Very Best Tools to Calm Down

We’re wrapping up our fight or flight adventure this week and I want to leave you with a few ideas and products that have helped me shift out of fight or flight, calm my nervous system, and stay at peace. (If you missed any of the last blog posts and want a primer on shifting […]